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The game that will give you both pleasure and headache. Every part of the brain, especially the one in charge of creative thinking, must be put to good use while playing this game. Explain the term using drawing, sound or pantomime in set time. Let the brainstorming begin!

Dynamic and Fun Board Game

This is a dynamic board game, with 2500 words to represent. The game requires at least two teams, but the maximum number of teams is up to you. The bigger the better!

Truth or Dare deck

We are proud to present you our version of an iconic, dear and popular game that, for the first time ever, has been put in the form of a deck of cards. In this game, you do not have to come up with truth or dares- you simply draw a card from the designated deck. Play it right and reveal hidden secrets and real thoughts of your friends.


There are 100 cards that keep this game dynamic round after round, intended for risk-takers and judgement-free people. You can add your own truth or dare cards, so the game can be personalised to fit you and your friends or you can also combine several editions of this game.


Just for the true alcohol connoisseurs! With that in mind, we have created this hedonistic game, in which we’ ve perfectly blended the ingredients into a cocktail that will make even the toughest players grow a beard . Perfect mix of board and card game, as well as carefully selected games-within-game that are going to test your mind and body and make all of you remember the day you invited your friends for drinks!

INNOVATIVE board game

Every move in this game implies drinking, either for standing on some field or for losing a challenge. So- no matter who wins- you win! You can personalise some of the cards, so that the game adapts to you and your friends. Only for adult players!

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