You might think it’s easy to present a single word? You’re so wrong!

Board game as it should be.- Gather your friends and enjoy in this game that will elevate the levels of interaction and problem-solving skills.


Find a way to present a given word to a team-mate, using drawing, sound or pantomime. How to do that, while still following the rules, is solely on you and your ingenuity. Let the brainstorming begin!


The size and the number of teams is up to you. The method of presenting the word and the time spent on it is not. Your team needs to define the word in precisely determined and challenging time or give another team a chance to do so. Fun, creativity and competitive spirit will make sure that the time invested in playing this game flies by and always leaves you wanting for one more round!


High quality. Beautiful design. Practicality.- These are goals that we’ve set from the very start and never have nor will give up on! No detail, no matter how small, is overlooked, and, in time, you will notice more and more subtle and hidden ones that will prove one thing: Beardbarians want you to enjoy in every aspect of this game. Durable casing, high quality board, beautifully designed cards and accessories… All you need to do is throw a dice.


We’re giving you entertainment. We’re giving you games. We make you relax. We make you laugh. We make you feel good.We put you under pressure. We reliefe you of pressure. We make you sin, and then give you chance to redeem yourself. We make you come out of safe zone and take risks. We are here because of you. We are Beardbarian Games!

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