Truth or  Dare deck

Every rose has its thorns. This one is covered with them!
dynamic, entertain, provocative

high quality, beautiful design, practicality

Innovative form

Innovative form of the cult, relaxing and familiar game. What it needed was a group of independent, unscrupulous and self-proclaimed experts in the field of unpleasant questions and inappropriate actions-e.g.Beardbarians that gave her a chance to be, for the first time, presented in a form of a deck of cards, thus making it the centre of attention during your party.


One rule. No topic is off limits. No question that cannot be asked. No mercy asked, no mercy given. Each and every question is carefully studied and tested in real life for the sake of maximal level of embarrassment and shame. Pick your poison… We mean, pick your truth card from the deck. #awkward.


There’s no dare nor punishment big/ inappropriate enough for the attempt to elude an honest answer. Every attempt to do so must come at a price. And that price must be…well, maybe not serious, but surely, after several drinks, shameful enough to shake the perpetrator’s self-confidence , making him/her think twice before doing it ever again.


Made to inspire you to give an honest and elaborate answer and execute every dare in your very own way. You and the rest of the players are in complete control of the pace of the game. It can be played as a quick-draw, but we recommend that you give some explanation of your Truth card, making someone start a discussion, and subtly prove to yourself and others that you’re not the black sheep of the group.

High quality. Beautiful design. Practicality.- These are goals that we’ve set from the very start and never have nor will give up on! That is why we’ve spent a lot of time making this game and improving its every aspect: ideal size and materials used for cards, durable casing, carefully selected details and colours.
This game will exceed all your expectations!


We’re giving you entertainment. We’re giving you games. We make you relax. We make you laugh. We make you feel good.We put you under pressure. We reliefe you of pressure. We make you sin, and then give you chance to redeem yourself. We make you come out of safe zone and take risks. We are here because of you. We are Beardbarian Games!

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