Find a way to present a given word to a team-mate, using drawing, sound or pantomime. How to do that, whilst still following the rules , is solely on you and your ingenuity. Let the brainstorming begin!


High quality. Beautiful design. Practicality.- These are foundations that we’ve set from the very start and never have or will give up!

Truth or Dare deck

One rule.No topic is off limits. No question that shall not be asked. No mercy asked, no mercy given. Each and every question is carefully studied and tested in real life for the sake of maximal level of embarrassment and shame.


Made to inspire you to give an sincere and elaborate answer, and execute every dare in your very own way. You and the rest of players are in the complete control of the pace of the game.


Beardbarian Games are presenting to you a new and innovative party game that leads to -or is a result of- even higher levels of intoxication.


Although this game can be played linearly as similar games , we ve included several decks of cards with different purposes, which has,after numerous tests.


We’re giving you entertainment. We’re giving you games. We make you relax. We make you laugh. We make you feel good.We put you under pressure. We reliefe you of pressure. We make you sin, and then give you chance to redeem yourself. We make you come out of safe zone and take risks. We are here because of you. We are Beardbarian Games!

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